Completed & Ongoing Projects

Youth Voices

Through the Uganda Civil Society Youth Coalition ( activities here involved consulting young people nationwide on the draft peacebuilding and conflict resolution policy for the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda prior to being developed into a national policy YIYA Foundation as the coordinating entity of facilitated the consultation exercises supported by the Prime Minister’s Office and UNDP.

Youth End Female Genital Mutilation Youth End FGM Campaign

In partnership with Youth Hub Africa African Youth Commission ( UNICEF and UNFPA, the campaign is meant to highlight the prevalence of the practice of FGM in Uganda, especially Type IV and for the young people of Uganda to advocate for the ending of all forms of FGM as a violation of girls’ rights.

The Common Wealth Youth Minister’s Meeting

In Uganda , The Commonwealth brought together government ministers, senior officials, young leaders, and youth workers from across the globe for the 9th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting 9 CYMM) in Kampala, Uganda, from 31 July to 4 August 2017 YIYA Foundation was responsible for generating youth interest (buzz) on the on goings and run a youth hub and imbedded youth reporters to cover and live stream, tweet on topical issues and events at the meeting for the youth in the common wealth.

Early Marriage/Teenage Pregnancy Campaigns

This was carridout with Miss Uganda Foundation for in and out of schools teenager outreaches. The campaign was launched by the submission of the very first petition against early marriage and teenage pregnancy to the Parliament of Uganda in 2011 to draw government’s and all stakeholders’ attention to high prevalence and the future danger posed to the country by the two threats above