Youth Initiatives for Youth Action (YIYA)

Youth Initiatives for Youth Action (YIYA) Foundation was founded in 2008 and is one of the leading youth focused NGO registered in Uganda since 2010 (Reg. No.11604). It is a youth led, youth serving CSO, which focuses on capacity building in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Human Rights and Peace Building, Youth Livelihoods (Agriculture and Entrepreneurship), Education (Literacy and ICT for Development). YIYA Foundation offices are located at 61 Old Jinja (Kireka) Road, Mutungo-Mbuya, where it also runs a small ICT Training Lab where trainings of learners are conducted from.


To Empower and Encourage Young People to Initiate and Implement Socio – Economic Initiatives for Community and Self Development.
(To Promote Social Entrepreneurship)

A Socially and Economically Sustainable Generation of Young People


Core Values

Our Programs

Sexual Reproductive Health/Rights and Gender Equality (SENGA)

Gender equality refers to equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for women/girls and men/boys. Se... More

Human Rights & Peace Building (UBUNTU)

Uganda serves as both a source and a destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for forced... More

Youth Livelihood and Social Transformation (AKAWOGO)

This program was designed as one of YIYA Foundation's interventions to respond to the high unemployment rat... More

Education - Literacy & ICT for Development (ELIMU)

YIYA Foundation’s theory of change to combat youth unemployment is buttressed by education and information... More

Play It Out (PIO)

This program was designed for the children category of YIYA Foundation’s target group, however, it does not... More


  • Sexual Reproductive Health/Rrights & Gender Equality (Senga)
  • Human Rights and Peace Building (Ubuntu)
  • Youth Livelihoods - Agriculture and Entrepreneurship (Akawogo)
  • Education - Literacy and ICT for Development (ELIMU)
  • Play It Out (PIO)


  • Vulnerable Youth
  • Girl Child
  • Young Women/Mothers
Core Values